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Sarah Douglas 
General Manager 
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Stable Manager 
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October 2012 - How We Started  ( A note from the original Founder )

I am amazed each time I stop to think about how this idea started and how far we’ve come. Very few times in my life have I felt something so strongly as I did on October 21st, 2012. While flipping channels on TV I hit a program about a therapy riding center in Texas that had opened their program to include wounded veterans. I watched in awe as they talked about how much it was helping the veterans who had become involved. I knew without any hesitation that this is what GOD wants me to do. I can share my passion for my horses with wounded veterans. The ideas came flooding into my head so fast I couldn’t process it! Location, fundraisers, horses! How would I bring it together? I hesitated just for a brief moment and thought – I know nothing about starting a riding center or a non-profit. And the Lord reminded me that in 1996 I knew nothing about incorporating a town, but I did it! I led the effort to incorporate Pleasant Garden, and this is so much more important. The opportunities to touch peoples’ lives are endless! I couldn’t wait to share the idea with my closest friend the next day. He was as excited as I was! And from that moment on, the idea has been like wildfire! Everyone that we’ve talked to has wanted to be involved. I immediately started building a board of directors and each one eagerly accepted the invitation. Our board consists of Pastor Doug Davis, from Triad Cowboy Church, Dr. Ann Boyer, my equine veterinarian, Mitchell Faulk, and my sister, Sharron Thompson. We work well together and all have the same goals. Each one brings a fresh perspective and ideas. Pastor Doug shared our idea with the congregation at church, and I’ve been overwhelmed with support from the membership! I got my first horse 15 years ago. I had wanted one since I was a little girl. The Bible speaks of waiting for good things to happen – well it did! Her name is Easter, and she completely changed my life. Through her, I’ve met so many wonderful people. Because of her, I realized my passion in life. I LOVE taking care of horses! And now I have the opportunity to share that passion and to bring others into the magical world of horses. Horses have incredible power of understanding. They don’t judge, they don’t ask questions. They just want to be loved! Who better to share that love with than our veterans?! I believe, without a doubt, that each and every veteran comes back from their service with wounds – not all are visible. Many come home with emotional scars that no one can see. The center will give them the peaceful, safe, tranquil environment and involvement with these magnificent animals. Each one, either horse or veteran, needs love and compassion. The interaction with the animals can offer a renewal of spirit and courage. That’s the goal of our center. GOD has given us a great tool to help others! All services will be offered at no charge to any client. Clients will be encouraged to help care for the horses, some of whom are dealing with their own challenges. I am very humbled that GOD has chosen me to lead this outreach ministry. HE has put all of the right people in my path over the years, and opened so many doors. I am so excited about the possibilities for the center and all those we will be able to help in some way. ​


Mary Ann Yow


Easters Promise Therapeutic Equine Center



My Dream

A dream is like a river, ever changing as it flows…

   As a little girl, my dream was to own horses – lots of them! And spend my days taking care of them like Dale Evans! As I got older I put my dream of being a cowgirl aside, but never forgot it. When I bought Easter in 1998, that spark was reignited and my dreams of being a cowgirl came true! No I am not a great rider, I don’t take her on long trail rides, but I see her every day. And every day, I love her as much as the first day! Since getting Easter I have had the privilege of delivering her foal in 2003 – one of the most exciting experiences of my life. So the dream grew into more, and I adopted a horse for retirement. God continued to widen my vision to sharing the horses with others. In 2012 God put a dream in my heart bigger than anything I could have imagined – working with wounded veterans and their families! My herd doubled with the donation of 3 more horses! And my passion grew along with it. It is now time to take that leap of faith and trust GOD’S plan for my life. Beginning January 1, 2017, I will be able to offer daytime hours at Easter’s Promise. I have left my secure job to jump into uncertainty, but I know it’s time. My dream will become a reality and I will share my horses with those who need some help dealing with emotional struggles. While our mission is primarily veterans, we will not turn away any man, woman or child that God leads to our farm! This center is to be a refuge where fear and anger and insecurities are turned into courage, strength, confidence, and self-worth. Come and see how God can work in your life through these magnificent animals!

If you or a loved one is struggling today, please call us!! We look forward to sharing what God has blessed us with!

Easter’s Promise Therapeutic Equine Center is a registered 501(c)3 charity.

Our services are provided by the generosity of donors and sponsors.